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Career Opportunities Exist now and demand will only grow.
Recruiters – dedicated people view our dedicated site. They know having a drone career will be rewarding, exciting and have endless possibilities. It will be one of the career growth areas of the future.

Drone Careers & Uses
Drone Career options,

Drone Career Overview.

Jobs Flying Drones.
These can be listed as UAV Operators & UAV Pilot Jobs. Work may be sought or advertised in the following areas:-

Aerial Photography, Film, Video and Cinematography.
-They will be used for making promotion and advertising material. Movies and commercials too.
-In Event coverage, for special occasions or sports coverage.
-For realty to help showcase properties.
Pictures and productions now give a new sense of awe and incredible fascination.

Surveys, Security & Surveillance.
-Home Maintenance to help view guttering, roofs or other areas where an assessment would be helpful.
-In Construction from the land survey to observing and documenting the sites progress.
-In Agriculture for crop management and to monitor livestock. They will transform the industry.

Search & Rescue.
Drones will be used by Police, Fire Departments and other services.
They will be used in Situation Analysis. In places where there is much risk to human life. In disaster areas, fire or crash sites. Also where remote locations make it difficult or timely to reach.

Reporting & Documenting

Media and journalism.
Journalism & News reporting will benefit from the versatility of these machines. They will help with report on levels of traffic. Give better coverage on developing Stories both good and bad. And provide vantage point footage when observing sport. Surfing, skiing, all beyond imagination.

Conservation, Wildlife, Humanitarian and Weather Research.
The use of Drones will offer much needed support to many organisations. They will help track and observe. Actions can be considered or acted upon to help or understand the need.

-For land or sea, remote or treacherous. Geographically they will help discover the undiscovered.

Design & Development
Drone Technology, Programming and App development.
Research and Development will be an ongoing job. Analysts and testers will report and suggest on fixes. Software or hardware will help you get, the best result you can. And components will be made to help get better use.

UAV Insurance & The Legal aspect.
A drone career is not just about flying. In 2015 it was quite difficult to find an insurance agent. Also the legal aspect. The need to cover regulation is vital. And undoubtably, claims will become more apparent as time goes by.

Training and education.
UAV Flight training courses will help you qualify for your drone career.

The Consumer Effect
Retailers, Management & Production teams.
A drone career can be achieved indirectly UAV Systems Engineer.

, office etc and all spin off jobs associated with the birth of a new a global industy.
Industries or work derived from
3d Model production.
Information gathered from the 3d Mapping service will help grow this sector.

University Courses.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – offers Bachelor degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Science.
North Dakota University – offers a 4 year programme for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilots.
Kansas State – has an undergraduate degree in Unmanned Aircraft Studies.

Ground School, Flight training & Education Schools.

See here for more training centres that operate in an area near you. These course should cover:-
– What you need to learn to fly commercially and safely.
– The course qualification you will get.
– How and where to apply for permission.
– And will cover your legal responsibilities & requirements.