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Commercial Drones.

Our Professional Services.
If you do a search for ‘Drone classifieds’ you will see we usually rank high on the first page. Good SEO is a big priority to us. We can help you both sell and find the equipment you need. Let us know if you are looking for an item in particular. Maybe we can help by giving you a heads up. Get in touch, no-one wants to miss out on an opportunity. Please note, although we deal with commercial drones, we do not deal in military drones.

The Future of Commercial Drones.

There are two things which are very much guaranteed. First they will definitely create a lot of employment. And two, the technology used, will become part of every day life.

UAV Software & Apps – Open Source.
The engineers, they need the programmers. The programmers, they need the engineers. And software is needed for all of the machines. This is from the simplest of hobby drones to the more complex commercial drones. Written articles and exhibitions will help us to see what there is. But a key element to their functionality is the software used. This is a less publicised subject and is of interest to many. We have found three Open Source communities for you to look at. We consider all of them to be very informative.

Jobs for Commercial Drones.
Agricultural will benefit a lot through crop management. The film industry will get to see a different vantage point. Sporting events will now get to see improved coverage. Mapping and imagery, this will help to create more accurate 3D models. Aerial Photography will be used to take shots for realtors. They can also be used to help with business promotion. Construction will get to see a lot of benefit. Consider the safety and that of the inspection of Power lines and pipelines. And to top of all that, there is time saving. They can be used for search and rescue. They can be used to asses crash sites or dangerous situations. And then there is the exploration. Sending in drones to view the worlds most hard to reach places. They are lots more good uses too. For Humanitarian or Conservation there is so much that can be done or learnt. All in all the opportunities are both endless and exciting. One thing we know for sure is that jobs, and commercial drones are here to stay.

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Know the Laws in your Country.
The laws for flying drones do differ from country to country. In the USA, flying commercial drones is or was against the law. In 2014 there were only a hand full of exemptions. It took years, but in February 2015 guidelines were drafted. It is hoped that by the end of the year more people will be allowed to fly. All commercial drones must not exceed 55lb in weight. That said this rule is for the norm Again exemptions can be applied for. Also Commercial drones can be either be fixed wing or rotary. Their shape and size will be relevant to their purpose. Below we have given you the links to many of the organisations. If you can help us grow this list, please get in touch.

Organisations in your country.
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (USA).
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia).
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK).
Transport Canada (Canada).
EASA (European) Aviation Safety Agency.