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About Drone Trader Ads.

I started my Aerial Photography with a DJI PhantomWho Are We?
We’re a married team who have been successfully self employed for years. Work is our hobby, and our hobby is work. We know each others strengths and we use them to reach our goals. We are hands on, logical and passionate about all that we do.

Our Future.
To have and maintain a great global resource for the drone and UAV industry.
To make a descent return from Drone Trader Ads without exploiting the customer.
To work hard for all visitors and gain growth by reputation.

Our Present.
To develop an easy to use website, suitable and affordable for all users.
To establish credibility and long term relationships with potential clients.
To tweek and constantly improve our website, our service and your user experience.

Our Past.
Proven dedication, our commitment and professionalism.
Proven customer loyalty and trust.
Diverse achievements, proving we will strive to be the best.

Our past is why we’re here today.
In October 2014, we sold our award winning UK business.
A beautiful destination pub and restaurant in the heart of Cheshire.

-Cheshire Dining Pub of the Year, awarded to us in 2006.
-2nd place to a coffee shop in Trip Advisor.
-Certificate of Excellence from Trip advisor.
-We employed over 40 people, many giving us 10 or more years service.
-We understand the demands of business and the importance of people.

In our time off.
-Produced & manufactured a Board Game. Industry voted it a top 10 game for Xmas in 2006.
-We wrote and produced an English World Cup Football song in 2010.
-It Won best chant. Competition sponsored by Pepsi. And we had over 40,000 hits on Youtube.

The game and song were personal goals. We did not have enough time to promote them commercially.

Our interest in Drones.
They are awesome and inspiring. And the potential for job opportunity is enormous. With a previous background in photography and computers we were hooked. Worthy of a career change. We now live in the States. We fly and do aerial photography. Drone photography USA is ready for when the FAA give this country the green light. Drone Trader Ads is ready now.

We had a choice, retirement or find a job. One we could do anywhere in the world. We decided on Drone Trader Ads. And that is why Drone Trader Ads exists today.